Why Save?

Why save?

Vestact helps people save money. We are here to help the rich get richer. We want you to be one of Mr Piketty’s top 1% of wealthy humans. There, we said it.

But what is the reason for all this saving and investing? Basically, you must save now so you can spend later. Having watched clients get rich over the past two decades, I’ve observed the following points. Please forgive me if this is a little blunt.

If you have money, you don’t have to worry about it

If you save diligently, you should reach the point where money crises are relatively rare. If you live below your means and invest wisely you can get a sense of financial control long before you achieve full financial independence. If you have savings, you aren’t vulnerable.

If you have money, you can have the career you really want

Money can give you the freedom to pursue your passions. I’ve seen clients in their 40s who have been saving for years, who can afford to switch jobs, to something that may be less lucrative, but is more fulfilling. If you have savings, you aren’t living from pay cheque to pay cheque, so you can take more risks.

If you have money, you can retire early

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job that they love. If you have money, you can leave early! I’ve also seen people retire early to pursue their passions (which might include doing something charitable, which doesn’t come with a pay cheque).

If you have money, you can travel

Lots of research has shown that experiences are better than durable goods. So collect holidays, not cars or household decorations. Travelling to outstanding local and overseas destinations is how you make memorable memories. Expensive, but worth it.

If you have money, you can afford better relationships

You don’t only need a reason to get up in the morning, you also need someone to come home to at night.

Having money means being able to afford to spend quality time with your loved ones. Doing things at home with them, instead of working. Eating out with them. Travelling to see your children, or taking them on a holiday.

In my experience, happy extended families are often those that have someone with money at the centre of it all paying the bills.

So there it is.

Don’t worry about Greece or China or whatever is in the news today. Save more. We are here to help. If you need the banking details to make a deposit to your Vestact account, hit to this email.

Best wishes!

Paul Theron


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