Rob and Ralph

  Market Scorecard Yesterday before the US market opened Elon Musk released an Update on Taking Tesla Private. The share was initially up 2% on the clarification of where the funding was going to come from. By the time the market closed, the stock was only up 0.2% and is now down 0.5% in after-hours … Continue reading Rob and Ralph


Turkey Has Roasted the Rand

  Market Scorecard Starting last week, the $/R was at 13.30, it slid to $/R 15.29 in the early hours of this morning and is currently at $/R 14.75. We can't even blame our politicians for this slide. Unfortunately we are part of the current Emerging Market (EM) fallout, brought on through poor economic policy … Continue reading Turkey Has Roasted the Rand

It’s Apple Day!

  Market Scorecard Both Massmart (Builders Warehouse, Game and Makro) and Spur, which also owns the brands of RocoMama's and Panarottis, released trading statements yesterday showing how tough it is in South Africa at the moment. Between those two companies they have large exposure to the South African consumer; by reading their results, it gives … Continue reading It’s Apple Day!