Market Scorecard As the number of companies shunning Huawei increases, so does the concern that Washington and Beijing drift further apart on reaching a deal. Chinese markets are red this morning, with Naspers owned Tencent down around 3%. A few weeks ago Naspers was above R3 700 a share, it will be below R3 … Continue reading Fortnike


An iPhone a Year

  Market Scorecard Markets globally are bumbling along waiting for the next big piece of news to give direction. For the US market the focus currently is on Fed minutes to be released tonight; what has been said about a possible drop in rates? Then there is also the ever-present threat to a change in … Continue reading An iPhone a Year

  Market Scorecard The good news for the market yesterday was that Trump delayed implementing tariffs on cars from Japan and the EU. The last thing that global economic growth needs is the US fighting with other big nations. When elephants fight it is the grass that gets trampled. A company that had a terrible … Continue reading

Quit the Split

  Market Scorecard Yesterday Stats SA released our latest labour statistics. As expected the numbers deteriorated. South Africa desperately needs economic growth to solve many ills that the country has. A political analyst was on the radio before the elections saying that we don't need economic growth but we need to move to a more … Continue reading Quit the Split