Singles Day is Yuuge

  Market Scorecard Yesterday was 'singles day', 11/11, the day where people celebrate being single. For most Chinese though, the day has morphed into the biggest shopping day of the year. In 2008 Alibaba launched their singles day specials, now ten years later the day is huge! Yesterday Alibaba sold $30.8 billion worth of merchandise … Continue reading Singles Day is Yuuge


Good Riddance October

  Market Scorecard On Friday, before the US market opened, jobs data for October was released. It showed that wages grew at the fastest rate since 2009; good news for short-term GDP growth, but higher wages generally comes with inflation down the line. Despite the good jobs data and the rally on Thursday, economic advisor … Continue reading Good Riddance October

Jack is Back

"Mr. Market really liked the numbers, the stock soared over 7 percent to close just above 98 Dollars, a 52 week high. And seeing as all things China have been under pressure, the stock is up really smartly from the 57 Dollar low reached last October, and 60 Dollars in February this year. The company … Continue reading Jack is Back