City of Old

  Market Scorecard Following the ADP jobs numbers on Wednesday, the official employment figures out on Friday were equally disappointing. Well, disappointing is relative. The number of new jobs created in the US was only 75 000, instead of the 185 000 expected. The unemployment rate stayed steady at 3.6%, so not terrible numbers. What … Continue reading City of Old


Aquaman Should Invest

  Market Scorecard Friday was just a generally bad day for global markets. The US is now rounding up the cavalry and planning on opening up a second front in this trade war. Mexico is the US's third largest trading partner, so the threat of tariffs is not insignificant for either country; the Mexican Peso … Continue reading Aquaman Should Invest

Quit the Split

  Market Scorecard Yesterday Stats SA released our latest labour statistics. As expected the numbers deteriorated. South Africa desperately needs economic growth to solve many ills that the country has. A political analyst was on the radio before the elections saying that we don't need economic growth but we need to move to a more … Continue reading Quit the Split