Stocks Top Bonds

  Market Scorecard The market yesterday was rather subdued, which is normally the case on the day before a US Fed interest rate decision. It is safer to wait a day than be caught on the wrong foot by the Fed doing or saying something unexpected. As long-term investors though, politics and central bank actions … Continue reading Stocks Top Bonds


The Jungle Continues to Rumble

  Market Scorecard Happy Star Wars day everyone, May the 4th be with you! Shifting back to markets, in general people are focused on the US and China meetings. What will each side compromise on? Will Trump gets some of his demands? What will the trade landscape look like when they are done? Yesterday the … Continue reading The Jungle Continues to Rumble

Prime Time

"There was a great deal of focus on Amazon, it was after all Prime Day. Prime Day applies to "Prime members", you pay a once off annual fee (annuity income for the company) in order to get access to same day delivery in urban areas, as well as other perks."   To market to market … Continue reading Prime Time