Clouds Raining Cash at Amazon

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Whoa, we are going to need a neck brace after that market whiplash. Yesterday was carnage for global markets, Asian stocks were down over 2%, our All-share opened down over 3%, and the US markets opened down 1.5%. By the time I went to bed … Continue reading Clouds Raining Cash at Amazon


These Big Names need Vitality

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. As expected Janet Yellen announced no change to the US interest rate last night. Inflation over the next 12-months is expected to get to the target of 2%, which signals we are still on for three small rate raises this year. During the Fed's 105-year … Continue reading These Big Names need Vitality

Prime Time

"There was a great deal of focus on Amazon, it was after all Prime Day. Prime Day applies to "Prime members", you pay a once off annual fee (annuity income for the company) in order to get access to same day delivery in urban areas, as well as other perks."   To market to market … Continue reading Prime Time