Pay For That Turkey

  Market Scorecard After 5 days of green markets, thanks to lower interest rate talk, yesterday saw US markets end slightly in the red and Asian markets open lower this morning. Markets have priced in the risk of a trade war, they have also now priced in the chances of interest rate drops. So for … Continue reading Pay For That Turkey


Drone in the Zone

  Market Scorecard We are back to bad news being good news. Yesterday, ADP Nonfarm Employment Change showed an increase of only 27 000 new jobs in the US, instead of the forecast 180 0000. The ADP figure is released by a private company and is based on the number of payslips that the company … Continue reading Drone in the Zone

Green Cred

  Market Scorecard Wow, technology stocks got a 'snot klap' yesterday. Markets caught wind of increased scrutiny from antitrust regulators and the big tech names came tumbling down. Facebook was down 7.5%, Alphabet (Google) was down 6.1%, Amazon was down 4.6%, Microsoft was down 3.1% and Apple was down 1%. US politicians are taking aim … Continue reading Green Cred

Record US Divi

  Market Scorecard Over the last week, international market movements have tracked sentiment around trade war rhetoric. Yesterday during a state visit to Japan, Trump said that the US is not ready for a trade deal at this time, that China wants a trade deal and that he thinks they regret not taking the first … Continue reading Record US Divi

  Market Scorecard The good news for the market yesterday was that Trump delayed implementing tariffs on cars from Japan and the EU. The last thing that global economic growth needs is the US fighting with other big nations. When elephants fight it is the grass that gets trampled. A company that had a terrible … Continue reading