Avos are Cheaper in the Amazon

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Ladies and gentlemen, the date has finally arrived. I'm talking about Apple's new product launch conference, which has been scheduled for two weeks from today on the 12 September. As an Apple shareholder, it will be a rather big day, part of the reason the … Continue reading Avos are Cheaper in the Amazon


Prime Time

"There was a great deal of focus on Amazon, it was after all Prime Day. Prime Day applies to "Prime members", you pay a once off annual fee (annuity income for the company) in order to get access to same day delivery in urban areas, as well as other perks."   To market to market … Continue reading Prime Time

Amazing Amazon

"I really feel that Amazon now have the size and scale for world domination. The Prime membership is genius. You have 80 million users who have logged in their credit card details. All it takes is one click to make a purchase. You can attract more subscribers with incredible content such as movies, series, gaming … Continue reading Amazing Amazon