Share your Genes

  Market Scorecard Friday was a much better day for the market. The green on your screen was thanks to positive comments out of the White House around the progress of Chinese trade talks. Locally the JSE All-share was in the red for the whole trading day but then shot higher in late trade thanks … Continue reading Share your Genes


Nvidia Chips Away

  Market Scorecard Markets are struggling to make up their mind about which direction they want to go; it's a proper tussle between the bulls and bears. Both local markets and US markets were red and green at different points in their trading sessions. Part of the confusion came from China calling the looming US … Continue reading Nvidia Chips Away

Boring Banks

  Market Scorecard Here is some good news to kick off the morning, the price of oil dropped overnight from around $67 a barrel to around $64. The sudden slump in the price is because both US and Iranian officials hinted that tensions between the two nations are abating. At this stage, anything other than … Continue reading Boring Banks

Twar with Tito

  Market Scorecard In Mzansi we finally got our own politicians who use Twitter as an instrument to communicate policy to the people. In this case it was the Gauteng Premier David Makhura, and Finance Minister Tito Mboweni. They were fighting about e-tolls in a heated exchange of tweets. You can read more about it … Continue reading Twar with Tito

Green Cred

  Market Scorecard Wow, technology stocks got a 'snot klap' yesterday. Markets caught wind of increased scrutiny from antitrust regulators and the big tech names came tumbling down. Facebook was down 7.5%, Alphabet (Google) was down 6.1%, Amazon was down 4.6%, Microsoft was down 3.1% and Apple was down 1%. US politicians are taking aim … Continue reading Green Cred

Record US Divi

  Market Scorecard Over the last week, international market movements have tracked sentiment around trade war rhetoric. Yesterday during a state visit to Japan, Trump said that the US is not ready for a trade deal at this time, that China wants a trade deal and that he thinks they regret not taking the first … Continue reading Record US Divi

  Market Scorecard The good news for the market yesterday was that Trump delayed implementing tariffs on cars from Japan and the EU. The last thing that global economic growth needs is the US fighting with other big nations. When elephants fight it is the grass that gets trampled. A company that had a terrible … Continue reading