Tap is King

  Market Scorecard Last night our president announced that the South African economy would continue to open up, as we move from level 3 to advanced level 3. The exact dates and details will still be announced, but we know that many higher-risk professions are being given the green light to resume operations. As a … Continue reading Tap is King

The Merlin of Berlin

  Market Scorecard Wow, US jobs data out Friday was a massive beat on expectations. At a high level, 2.5 million jobs were added in May, where the expectation was for a loss of a further 7.5 million jobs. In the office, we had to re-read the numbers slowly to make sure that we were … Continue reading The Merlin of Berlin

A Moody Monday

  Market Scorecard It is now official, all three major rating agencies have South African debt as junk. The implication is that low-risk investment institutions will not be able to own our debt, and we will be removed from the World Government Bond Index (WGBI). There was a rather muted reaction from the Rand over … Continue reading A Moody Monday

Green Taxes

  Market Scorecard Covid-19 has landed in South Africa. There is only one confirmed case, but more than likely it will spread further than Durban. So no more shaking hands, and make sure to wash your hands regularly. Asian and EU markets started the day in the green, and then dropped as the day went … Continue reading Green Taxes