Musk Taunts Shorts

Market Scorecard Yesterday was a double hit of US jobs data. We had the regular Thursday release of weekly jobless claims, and then the monthly unemployment data landed a day early due to the public holiday in the US today. The unemployment data is the main focus of the market, and it shot the lights … Continue reading Musk Taunts Shorts

An Apple a Day Does Not Go Away

  Market Scorecard The oil price seems like a good barometer of global sentiment at the moment. Over the last week it has been steadily increasing as we hear about more countries reducing their lockdown measures. Along with a rising oil price we are also seeing a rising copper price and rising equity prices. Yesterday … Continue reading An Apple a Day Does Not Go Away

Flash Degrees

  Market Scorecard Yesterday US markets were on the back foot from the opening bell. Financial journalists pin the blame on worries about the fallout from the impeachment investigation. Sitting here in South Africa, it seems strange that the market is skittish because of an impeachment process that won't get further than the House of … Continue reading Flash Degrees