Lock it in with Amgen

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Wow! Yesterdays MTBPS was ugly. While Minister Gigaba was talking the quote attributed to Margaret Thatcher came to mind. "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."   We may not be a socialistic state, but the … Continue reading Lock it in with Amgen


Cashing Cheques and Saving Necks

"Whilst it is easy to point to these businesses as society has painted them (it must have come from somewhere), not enough credit is given to their ability to come up with life saving therapies. "   To market to market to buy a fat pig Yesterday there was tons on the go, Kumba Iron … Continue reading Cashing Cheques and Saving Necks

Garage gains

"Bill Gates of Microsoft started a business out of his garage, Phil Knight of Nike sold another business's shoes out of the back of his car, more recently Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in the more comfortable surrounds of his university dorm room. Really? Probably more comfort for the Zuck, better aircon and of course he … Continue reading Garage gains


  "The numbers quick sticks, for the full year, as those are available. The company produced revenues of 21.662 billion Dollars, an increase of 8 percent on the year. The company spends an enormous amount on R&D - Research and Development (looking for the next huge therapy), 18.7 percent of all revenues. That is a … Continue reading Amgenerous