Yellen ain’t quitin’

"Whilst the actions of the Fed are beyond the control of the long term equities investor, and anxieties will always remain around "what the Fed does next", in time the present actions fade into market obscurity. Remain invested in quality at all points in the cycle."   To market to market to buy a fat … Continue reading Yellen ain’t quitin’

Ruski/Saudi oil freeze fails to see oil boil

"We all knew that Russia and Saudi Arabia were meeting, the market I thought was expecting some production cuts from OPEC and the majors. It seems that the truth is that the budgets of all the oil producers rely heavily on the volumes being as high as possible. Saudi and Russia (and many other producers, … Continue reading Ruski/Saudi oil freeze fails to see oil boil


  'Moody's suggests "that the company now faces a higher business risk due to deterioration in commodities market conditions and a longer and more uncertain deleveraging period than previously expected." The ratings agency notes that the company is working hard to reduce debt, suggesting however that it may be hard to sell certain assets in … Continue reading Ang-low