Electric Vehicle Vacuum

  Market Scorecard The excitement around the potential Moderna vaccine started to wane yesterday as people started to reflect on the phase one test results. Due to only having 45 people in the phase one test, limited conclusions can be drawn from the numbers. Further testing is needed to know if the vaccine is truly … Continue reading Electric Vehicle Vacuum

An Apple a Day Does Not Go Away

  Market Scorecard The oil price seems like a good barometer of global sentiment at the moment. Over the last week it has been steadily increasing as we hear about more countries reducing their lockdown measures. Along with a rising oil price we are also seeing a rising copper price and rising equity prices. Yesterday … Continue reading An Apple a Day Does Not Go Away


  Market Scorecard The JSE All-share continued its rebound yesterday, crossing back over the 48 000 mark. The first time our market broke through this level was in early 2014, we then retested the level in late 2015/ early 2016 thanks to Nene-Gate. The March lows took us all the way back to 2013, so … Continue reading Bear-bnb

Space Craze

  Market Scorecard Markets are still keeping one eye on the coronavirus outbreak. In China, their one week holiday for New Year celebrations has been extended by three days until the 2 February. As you will see in the linkfest below, the Chinese New Year is the biggest migration of people each year. To try … Continue reading Space Craze