Apple and Facebook Printing Cash

  Market Scorecard Today is the first day this week that all global markets are open, some Asian markets were also closed for Labour day. European markets are much higher this morning but Asian markets are in the red. Part of the focus for the next week will be what Trump decides to do regarding … Continue reading Apple and Facebook Printing Cash


Loud and Cloud

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Chatting with many clients, most people hate buying at all-time highs. The feeling is that a correction is coming or at the very least, you have already missed the opportunity. Their proposed solution, keep your gunpowder dry and sit on cash. Ready to deploy at … Continue reading Loud and Cloud

iPhone is 10

"Loads of Apple articles last week, Michael and I have put together all the links that we think you need (you are welcome), in order to see how far the product has come. There are some suggestions that the smartphone of the future may be glasses, or more augmented reality. The fact is that the … Continue reading iPhone is 10