iPhone is 10

"Loads of Apple articles last week, Michael and I have put together all the links that we think you need (you are welcome), in order to see how far the product has come. There are some suggestions that the smartphone of the future may be glasses, or more augmented reality. The fact is that the … Continue reading iPhone is 10


"There were a couple of cool tweets around related to the market cap of Apple, Byron re-tweeted Eddy's tweet, this part is important: 'The magic number is $191.79 to become the first trillion dollar company' "   To market to market to buy a fat pig Stocks in Jozi, Jozi gained a smidgen yesterday, nearly … Continue reading iTrillion


"OK, Facebook numbers quickly. The Facebook platform is nearing two billion monthly users, currently 1.94 billions, which represents a little over one-quarter of all the folks on the planet. I guess at some level there will have to be a subscriber ceiling."   To market to market to buy a fat pig May the Fourth … Continue reading Facecooking


"They have the firepower to develop and bring the consumer what they want. Jony Ive and his team are key to product development. I suspect they will be key to the next great product that the company will develop. It will come, just stay patient, the company makes an amazing product that people want."   … Continue reading iProfits


"African Rainbow Minerals also had a cracking day, as did Lonmin and GoldFields, all up over ten percent on the session. It was one of those rare, rare days. All as a result of a Federal Reserve not minding that inflation gets out of whack, whilst they raise rates at a slow and measured pace." … Continue reading Cracker

iPhone 7 Heaven

"Quarterly revenues of 78.4 billion Dollars bested the markets expectations, and unit sales of the newer iPhone clocked 78.29 million. Again, above expectations, which were in the region of 76 million."   Attention: One of our sub-tenants is moving to Cape Town so we have some open offices to lease. There are 2 spaces available, … Continue reading iPhone 7 Heaven