No Capital Needed

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Imagine going to your bank to apply for a home loan and the bank tells you that they will pay you to take out the loan. Up until 2014, it was generally thought that interest rates had a floor at zero; in economics class, negative … Continue reading No Capital Needed


Value my Drug

"Whilst I believe that regulators are trying to do their best to protect consumers, sometimes they discount the huge shareholder funds that are spent on looking for the next blockbusters. Statista has the number, total global spend is around 150 odd billion Dollars a year, from the pharma industry. Each business, amongst the majors that … Continue reading Value my Drug

Lodging Profits

"Airbnb will possibly achieve 2.8 billion Dollars in revenues this year. The company trades at roughly 11 times revenues, if you are using that metric. Priceline, the listed entity that owns amongst other platforms (see recent note - Priceline 4Q & FY numbers - still strong growth), trades on 8.5 times revenues, with a … Continue reading Lodging Profits

7th Heaven

"It was one of those highly anticipated Apple events last evening, the blogosphere and the guess-a-sphere did get a few things right. Like the no more headphone jack on the iPhone. She gone. The new iPhone 7 is water resistant, the display is clearer and has more colours, the camera looks more awesome (both back … Continue reading 7th Heaven

Napping Giant

"So remember, Naspers owns 33.85 percent of Tencent. Tencent currently has a market capitalisation of 1.66 trillion Hong Kong Dollars, Naspers' stake is worth 561.91 billion. In Rand, at the current exchange rate of 1.91 Rand to the Hong Kong Dollar (using Google), that equates to 1.07 trillion Rand. The current Naspers market cap, as … Continue reading Napping Giant