Aspen Goes Long SA

  Market Scorecard After a promising start yesterday our market couldn't follow through. We opened up with green all over my heat map. As the day went on our market drifted lower and the green changed to red, with mining and retail stocks turning scarlet. As expected, Trump removed the US from the Iranian deal, … Continue reading Aspen Goes Long SA


Labour Union Eclipse

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Today, after much delay, Eskom should be signing agreements to give the go-ahead for 27 projects from Independent Power Producers (IPP). Does this mean the costly nuclear power program, that we can not afford and that will be out of date before even generating a … Continue reading Labour Union Eclipse

He Gone

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. An hour before the US market opened, we had as one analyst put it "The most highly anticipated inflation number for the last 10-years". The expectation was for inflation of 1.7%; it came in at 1.8%. Confirming market fears, inflation is coming and so are … Continue reading He Gone

Value my Drug

"Whilst I believe that regulators are trying to do their best to protect consumers, sometimes they discount the huge shareholder funds that are spent on looking for the next blockbusters. Statista has the number, total global spend is around 150 odd billion Dollars a year, from the pharma industry. Each business, amongst the majors that … Continue reading Value my Drug