Oil gets Quarantined

  Market Scorecard After a strong start to last week, the market fizzled, with the S&P 500 only closing up 0,6% for the five trading days. Trying to contain Covid-19 to China has not worked and the virus is now global. Here are the official stats, 110 034 infections, 80 735 in China, 547 USA, … Continue reading Oil gets Quarantined

Is it Warming in Aspen?

  Market Scorecard Over the weekend Bernie Sanders officially became the front runner to be elected as the Democratic presidential candidate. He won the Nevada primaries with close to half the votes going his way. Up until this weekend, it seemed that four people had a realistic chance of winning the nomination - Bernie Sanders, … Continue reading Is it Warming in Aspen?

He Gone

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. An hour before the US market opened, we had as one analyst put it "The most highly anticipated inflation number for the last 10-years". The expectation was for inflation of 1.7%; it came in at 1.8%. Confirming market fears, inflation is coming and so are … Continue reading He Gone