Bidcorp Delivers

  Market Scorecard Politics retook centre stage yesterday. This time it wasn't the US, but the UK. Trump, Boris, ah close enough. Effectively, the UK parliament is going to be suspended for five weeks leading up to the Queen re-opening parliament on the 14 October. The term is called prorogation, and it is a normal … Continue reading Bidcorp Delivers

The Sun Down Under

  Market Scorecard There are some days where there is very little market driving news, resulting in the market just bumbling along during its trading session. Both local and US markets spent part of their day in the green and another part of the day in the red. Traders didn't know what to do with … Continue reading The Sun Down Under

Zero To Hero

  Market Scorecard If Brexit wasn't messy enough already, last night the UK parliament rejected all eight non-binding guidance votes. Theresa May also said that she would step down as PM once a Brexit deal was signed, will that ever happen though? The Brexit sold to the people of the UK, an easy exit with … Continue reading Zero To Hero