Just Keep Running

  Market Scorecard Yesterday saw another 'risk on day' for the market. There were further hints from China around the possibility of a trade deal, and in the US the only question seems to be which US state will have the honour of hosting a signing ceremony. A poll of market participants in September found … Continue reading Just Keep Running

Berkshire Enters the Jungle

  Market Scorecard Global markets were subdued yesterday. Japan and Mainland China are currently on holiday, all the major companies have reported numbers, the Fed announcement had come and gone, and there was only low-level economic data. Today is at least jobs day in the US, which should see some reaction from the market. Then … Continue reading Berkshire Enters the Jungle

Alpha-Bet on it

"Larry Page will be running Alphabet, Sergey Brin will be his partner, not much changes there. Sundar Pichai will run Google, he is highly regarded and got tweets of encouragement from the likes of Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO and Google Chair, Eric Schmidt. He comes with a top pedigree, … Continue reading Alpha-Bet on it