These Big Names need Vitality

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. As expected Janet Yellen announced no change to the US interest rate last night. Inflation over the next 12-months is expected to get to the target of 2%, which signals we are still on for three small rate raises this year. During the Fed's 105-year … Continue reading These Big Names need Vitality


Berkshire Appleway

"They have obviously identified the company as ticking all the boxes. Owning companies is what they do. And that is why this is more important, whilst it represents a small investment for both parties, it is important at the fringes. Apple stock rose 3.71 percent, off the 52 week lows."   To market to market … Continue reading Berkshire Appleway

Alpha-Bet on it

"Larry Page will be running Alphabet, Sergey Brin will be his partner, not much changes there. Sundar Pichai will run Google, he is highly regarded and got tweets of encouragement from the likes of Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO and Google Chair, Eric Schmidt. He comes with a top pedigree, … Continue reading Alpha-Bet on it