Digital Killed The TV Star

  Market Scorecard The market was rather subdued yesterday, where both South African and US markets were green at one point but then finished slightly down. In the case of the Nasdaq, it was up 0.000088%, you don't get much flatter than that. Bloomberg tells me that Asian markets are quieter than normal today due … Continue reading Digital Killed The TV Star

Amazon Delivers

  Market Scorecard Yesterday saw Glencore close down 8% due to a US investigation into money laundering. As it stands, there are no charges brought against the company, but I think due to Glencore's reputation, investors are being cautious. Before Glencore was Glencore, it was Marc Rich + Co. AG, which was known for not … Continue reading Amazon Delivers


"Brait has been a stock that has sucked serious wind lately. And by lately, I mean in the last three months. Up until Brexit. And then basically everything changed from there, check out the share price taking a couple of legs down post the Brexit vote and the subsequent rerating of their UK assets."   … Continue reading Braixit