New Look Wants Its Old Look Back

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. US stocks had another down day yesterday; I saw a tweet from a US market commentator saying "What is this weird looking crimson colour on my screen?". The current drawdown in the market seems to be driven by a drop in commodity markets. Market Scorecard. … Continue reading New Look Wants Its Old Look Back


Not a good Look

"New Look was once valued (this time last year) at 34.8 billion Rand. By the first half of their financial year, the New Look value was 18.7 billion Rand. Around half. And now? I am afraid ..... 7 billion Rand."   To market to market to buy a fat pig A stronger Rand held back … Continue reading Not a good Look


"Brait has been a stock that has sucked serious wind lately. And by lately, I mean in the last three months. Up until Brexit. And then basically everything changed from there, check out the share price taking a couple of legs down post the Brexit vote and the subsequent rerating of their UK assets."   … Continue reading Braixit