Zero To Hero

  Market Scorecard If Brexit wasn't messy enough already, last night the UK parliament rejected all eight non-binding guidance votes. Theresa May also said that she would step down as PM once a Brexit deal was signed, will that ever happen though? The Brexit sold to the people of the UK, an easy exit with … Continue reading Zero To Hero


The Bad Old Days

"Did you know that Jan Smuts had been Finance Minister of South Africa around the First World War? Smuts was a lawyer by training. It is important to know recent history, and to contextualise current events against those. Whilst it feels bad now, it is certainly better in many respects since then. We have free … Continue reading The Bad Old Days

Still stEUpid

"Overnight the value of the Pound to their global peers is less. And to rub salt into the wounds, most folks who voted no would do well to peer into their pension funds. They would see the value, in Pound terms, has diminished significantly too. Stocks in the UK took an almighty pasting Friday, perhaps … Continue reading Still stEUpid


"As expected, the JSE has opened down 5%. Stocks with big exposure to the UK are taking big heat. Brait is down 15%, Bidcorp down 10% and Steinhoff is down 10%. I bet you guys like Brian Joffe, John Gnodde and Marcus Jooste are salivating at the opportunities presenting themselves. So you should you, so … Continue reading Brexsh*t