Markets Designed to Move Higher

  Market Scorecard Yesterday Alphabet (the company that we prefer to just call Google) announced that they will blacklist Chinese technology company Huawei from certain functions in their ecosystem. Google was responding to pressure from the US government, which objects to the close links between Huawei and the Chinese security establishment. Of course, the US … Continue reading Markets Designed to Move Higher


Chinese Frontier

  Market Scorecard On Friday, markets were focused solely on Sino-US trade tensions, and it was mostly negative for stocks. Friday morning, China essentially told the US to get lost. They said that they are not going to negotiate when there is a threat of tariffs hanging over their head, and that if need be … Continue reading Chinese Frontier

Coffee proxy

  "Short-term market gyrations, however, should not be confused with actions that will lead to long-term sustainable economic gain, especially as China moves to a consumer driven economy. I strongly believe that the Chinese government's commitment to true economic reform is genuine and that its goal of doubling 2010 per capita income by 2021 resulting … Continue reading Coffee proxy