A Fight over Marmite

"Unilever was a big loser yesterday, revenues were shy of estimates, the argument that the European based company is having with the UK retailer Tesco seemed to capture the headlines, and one product in particular. You may know it. Marmite. Yes, Ma possibly made you a sandwich with it, way back." To market to market … Continue reading A Fight over Marmite


Coffee proxy

  "Short-term market gyrations, however, should not be confused with actions that will lead to long-term sustainable economic gain, especially as China moves to a consumer driven economy. I strongly believe that the Chinese government's commitment to true economic reform is genuine and that its goal of doubling 2010 per capita income by 2021 resulting … Continue reading Coffee proxy

Stryking Gold

"There are many reasons to own this company, they will remain at the cutting edge of technological innovation in the healthcare industry, their products are highly regarded by professionals. That is always the most important thing for me, you can have the most amazing product, if there is no demand, you go nowhere. Stryker will … Continue reading Stryking Gold

Stay Strong

"We live in a far better world than Zamperini grew up and operated in. The world is not technically at war with itself. We might think that the great financial crisis was comparable to the Great Depression, but I did not see one in three citizens lining up at soup kitchens. I did not see … Continue reading Stay Strong

Bigger Picture

"Was the spike in Chinese prices warranted? I think some jump was, given that Chinese stocks have been considered cheap for a very long time and this is for a country that is considered the growth engine of the world. Have a look at the P/E ratio going back to 2002, it shows that a … Continue reading Bigger Picture