The Vital Future of Insurance

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. The SARB didn't do what most people were expecting; they left things the same. A Repo rate at 6.75%, means you are still paying the same for your house at month end. As we have spoken about before, certainty is key to economic growth and … Continue reading The Vital Future of Insurance


Discovering profits anew

"There is something more than the cute rewards program for you the shareholder, and indeed being part of the scheme as a member, alongside incrementally more healthy people. The more healthy the scheme members, the more profitable the scheme, the greater the buffer, the more likely for the scheme to do good by their members." … Continue reading Discovering profits anew

Get Active

  "If your life insurance payouts don't happen (before they become more expensive to keep), then the company is more profitable. And all this they do by changing your behaviour, getting you to raise your heart rate 5 or so times a week, drive better and eat better. It seems so simple, and with all … Continue reading Get Active

Blood, sweat, tears and a dash of Gore

"A pretty recent development and the announcement of the "Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch" will be launched across the Vitality network. Applications will be able to measure your patterns. Discovery is one of the very few companies that I think has used behavioural economics to monetise their business and morph their business model to … Continue reading Blood, sweat, tears and a dash of Gore