So Volatile it Hertz

  Market Scorecard It was a very strong day for global markets yesterday. Part of the tailwind, particularly for US stocks, was an upbeat US retail sales read. The market was expecting a record 8% rebound in retail sales. It turns out that the market was being far too cautious in its forecast; the official … Continue reading So Volatile it Hertz

Discovery Recovery

  Market Scorecard Locally, stocks spent the day bouncing between red and green. US stocks on the other hand went in one direction. Up! Since its lows last week Friday, the S&P 500 is up around 10%. The index is back to where it was on Tuesday last week. The last two weeks have been … Continue reading Discovery Recovery

David Moans

  Market Scorecard Both the South African and US markets started the day in the green and then finished trading in the red. For the US market, it was at around 11 when the market suddenly just dropped 1%. None of the reasons given for the drop by financial media looked overly convincing. Should we … Continue reading David Moans

NH Sigh

  Market Scorecard The main focus on Thursday was the government's updated take for a local National Health Initiative (NHI). The government's goals are noble but not realistic. Most people would agree that there are two things people should have access to regardless of their income bracket. Children should have access to quality education, and … Continue reading NH Sigh