Storms Brewing

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. The good news is that North Korea didn't fire any more missiles this weekend, as South Korea had feared. As a result, Asian markets are well in the green this morning. More good news for a Monday morning, Hurricane Irma, which is currently moving over … Continue reading Storms Brewing


Teeing up with George

"Thanks to the pioneers of the electronic trading systems, we can all tee up on the same course as George Soros (to use golf as an analogy) and think we are going to dispatch the ball down the middle of the fairway right next to the green. A chip and a put in, hey, the … Continue reading Teeing up with George


"Sports however and having the love/hate relationship with your favourite team is something special. CEO Bob Iger said that US households would watch sport across all platforms and was confident that they could monetise it. He is right. Currently US households are cutting their TV cable services, and many of those include ESPN in the … Continue reading SportsCenter