Disney Parks Dividend

  Market Scorecard The Nasdaq index is now positive for 2020! If there is a winner from the global lockdown it has been tech businesses. People and organisations are forced to digitise, something that probably won't reverse when life returns to 'normal'. The Chinese export data, which showed exports were up 3% year on year … Continue reading Disney Parks Dividend

Discovery Recovery

  Market Scorecard Locally, stocks spent the day bouncing between red and green. US stocks on the other hand went in one direction. Up! Since its lows last week Friday, the S&P 500 is up around 10%. The index is back to where it was on Tuesday last week. The last two weeks have been … Continue reading Discovery Recovery

Share Compare

  Market Scorecard Zoom. Zoom. Markets were flying higher yesterday! Apple finished the day up by 9.3%. Tesla was up 11%, but we have come to expect daily moves of that magnitude from the company. Locally, commodity stocks were in the pack of the leaders for the day. Unfortunately 'SA Inc' focused companies were relatively … Continue reading Share Compare


  Market Scorecard Our market started much lower yesterday, but thanks to a positive open from the US market we finished the day higher. Currently the US market opens at 15:30 our time, so we have 90 minutes where both markets are open at the same time; generally during that brief period, our markets move … Continue reading Germanexit