Tour de Home

Market Scorecard Now that the second quarter has come to an end, we are able to take stock. Looking at the US market, the tech-heavy Nasdaq was up 30%, and the S&P500 was up 20% - the best quarter since the late 90's. The strong quarter comes after the S&P 500 was down 20% for … Continue reading Tour de Home

Just Do It Online

Market Scorecard The market is two trading days away from having its best quarter since 2009. The drop was quick and brutal, with the rebound being just as swift. A true test for the market will be the next quarter as company earnings season starts in the middle of July. The previous earnings season didn't … Continue reading Just Do It Online

Tap is King

  Market Scorecard Last night our president announced that the South African economy would continue to open up, as we move from level 3 to advanced level 3. The exact dates and details will still be announced, but we know that many higher-risk professions are being given the green light to resume operations. As a … Continue reading Tap is King

Bats and Stats

  Market Scorecard Markets had a good day yesterday. European markets and the JSE All-share all had strong closes and that strength continued into the US open. The US market even gained strength as the trading day went on. Then, with 45 minutes left of the trading day, Trump took to twitter and the market … Continue reading Bats and Stats