It is all Fun and Games

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. There was green on our screens again yesterday, with all three major US indexes up around 0.1%. The main flavour for the day was the Fed minutes with a bit of Trump spice to round things off. The Fed minutes indicated that they would unwind … Continue reading It is all Fun and Games


Sauces for Courses

"Famous Brands, relatively ungeared, i.e. not much by way of borrowings, plan to fund this through cash resources. This will fit really, really nicely into the manufacturing part of the business. Tomato paste is used in the manufacturing of their sauces. As the press release points out, they have 2600 odd restaurants across all the … Continue reading Sauces for Courses

Forget please and thank-you, lets talk ABC’s

"Alphabet (Google) has enormous resources, the little over 5 billion Dollars (actually the real number is 5,099,019,513.59 Dollars, which is the square root of 26, which is how many letter there are in the Alphabet) is a dip into the nearly 73 billion Dollar cash pile. Mr. Market is cheering the Alphabet results, as easy … Continue reading Forget please and thank-you, lets talk ABC’s