Share Compare

  Market Scorecard Zoom. Zoom. Markets were flying higher yesterday! Apple finished the day up by 9.3%. Tesla was up 11%, but we have come to expect daily moves of that magnitude from the company. Locally, commodity stocks were in the pack of the leaders for the day. Unfortunately 'SA Inc' focused companies were relatively … Continue reading Share Compare

Amazon is Still Planting Trees

  Market Scorecard Well done Bokke! Not the prettiest rugby match but a win none the less. Moving to markets, the S&P 500 is nearing a record high again; it is a mere 3 points away! China saying that they will buy $20 billion worth of US agricultural products has been interpreted as a very … Continue reading Amazon is Still Planting Trees

Burnt Burgers

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Behavioural Economics is a relatively new branch of the economics field. In economics there are many assumptions made in our models, the main assumption is that people/agents are rational. The first thing Behavioural Economics tells us is that people are far from rational. Yesterday's winner … Continue reading Burnt Burgers