News Flow Rollercoaster

  Market Scorecard Over the last 24 hours, there has been more market moving news than in an average fortnight. Locally, our GDP data was a huge disappointment but not very surprising. South Africa is officially in a recession. Internationally, the WHO announced that Covid-19 has a higher mortality rate than expected, with the current … Continue reading News Flow Rollercoaster

From Helicopter Ben to Drone Jerome

  Market Scorecard Whoa, thank you Jerome Powell and the Fed. Due to trade wars, Brexit, slowing economic growth and policy uncertainty interest rates are now on hold - "We believe we can best support the economy by being patient in evaluating the outlook before making any future adjustment to policy." As you can imagine, … Continue reading From Helicopter Ben to Drone Jerome


"Of course the Fed meet today again, the middle of March, the "ides" in which Julius Caesar was murdered by his fellow senators. The politics of 2000 years ago was less civil I suppose, although ..... Janet Yellen and her cronies will deliver their prognosis, the market is expecting a rate hike here."   To … Continue reading Rategate