The Grinch and The Tariff Man

  Market Scorecard Wow, that 'Trade Truce' relief rally lasted all of one day. Yesterday Trump dubbed himself 'Tariff Man', as part of a string of tweets talking about trade with China. The good news is that Chinese officials have acknowledged the 90-day truce period. What spooked the markets though is the hardline tone coming … Continue reading The Grinch and The Tariff Man


Farmers Provide the Green Shoots

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. SA Inc was on fire yesterday! Our GDP read came in much stronger than expected. Stand by for a mouthful of economic jargon; our constant prices, seasonally adjusted and annualised 4Q GDP growth was 3.1%, compared to the expected growth of 1.8%. A much easier … Continue reading Farmers Provide the Green Shoots

Reading GDP

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. To go with the new warmer season, the season of new life, our GDP read yesterday showed the economy has green shoots again. Hello growth. Goodbye recession. The headline read which is a quarter on quarter, seasonally adjusted and then annualized number (phew take a … Continue reading Reading GDP

Howzit Recession

"So what next? More debt to GDP (as a result of lower GDP and more borrowing) and unfortunately less spend means lower tax collections. Which means lower revenues. Which leads to lower government spend. The other unfortunate part is, as Michael pointed out whilst he was listening to the wireless, is that radio stations are … Continue reading Howzit Recession