Ring a Ring a Roses

  Market Scorecard The US market went from the 9th best day of all time to the 3rd worst day yesterday, showing how volatile things are and how uncertain traders are around the value of companies. To add to the volatility, US futures are currently trading 'limit up', meaning they are 5% higher this morning. … Continue reading Ring a Ring a Roses

Fresh is Best

  Market Scorecard The week so far has been poor for stocks, they are in the red, but very good for the price of gold. As we mentioned yesterday, gold is trading at a six year high. Its rise has been impressive, shooting up $100 from $1 340 to $1 440. Of course, 'Investment' bloggers … Continue reading Fresh is Best

City of Old

  Market Scorecard Following the ADP jobs numbers on Wednesday, the official employment figures out on Friday were equally disappointing. Well, disappointing is relative. The number of new jobs created in the US was only 75 000, instead of the 185 000 expected. The unemployment rate stayed steady at 3.6%, so not terrible numbers. What … Continue reading City of Old