Cerner Courts Athena

  Market Scorecard On Friday the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that their economy added fewer jobs than expected, an addition of 157 000 jobs. One of the main reasons the number came in lower than expected was due to the Toys'R Us bankruptcy. Unemployment dropped again to 3.9%, it was as high as … Continue reading Cerner Courts Athena


Two Oil Giants Face-off

  Market Scorecard As expected, the US Fed raised interest rates last night. More important to global markets, in general, was what Fed chief Jerome 'Jay' Powell had to say at the press conference. Would he hint at the possibility of three or four rate hikes this year? The general take away from the press … Continue reading Two Oil Giants Face-off

Lurch at Search

"Quality attracts quality and Alphabet attracts some of the best minds in the world. They also provide an environment that promotes innovation. These new ideas fall within the Other Bets segment. They take it very seriously and provide great capital for big potential ideas. We expect a lot more coming out of Alphabet in the … Continue reading Lurch at Search

Caffeine Injection

"Not only are the company a coffee experience destination, by adding rewards members via their excellent technology platforms, they lock you into the daily routine, they aim to continue to stay abreast with the changing patterns of consumption. Having partnered with WeChat (TenCent owned platform) in China, more Chinese customers can gift each other, or … Continue reading Caffeine Injection

Meet Pixel

"Google announced a new phone yesterday, it is the "Pixel". From the website, Made by Google, the intro is titled Meet Pixel, Phone by Google. There was also the release of a home connected device, a speaker that is powered with the "Google assist" software. It is activated by saying, "OK Google"."   To market … Continue reading Meet Pixel