Oil Spoil

"Two of the big oil companies reported numbers on Friday. The lower oil price has been telling with Exxon Mobil's revenue dropping 33.4% YoY and their EPS dropping 51%! Chevron's revenue dropped to $40 billion from $57 billion the same time last year but their EPS was down a staggering 89.9%!" To market to market … Continue reading Oil Spoil

Google Doodle should be Dollar Signs

"With Google soaring 16 percent plus on Friday to have a market capitalisation of 459 billion Dollars now, the NASDAQ boat was floated to the tune of 0.91 percent, the broader market S&P 500 was up 0.11 percent whilst the Dow Jones was off nearly one-fifth. It is not often that you see a day … Continue reading Google Doodle should be Dollar Signs

Greece Folds

"Exactly. You can't have any bargaining chips left and hope that the folks holding all the cards are going to buckle. Enough is enough, you can be sympathetic to the ordinary Greek people and their slashed pensions, their benefits cut, perhaps the root of the problem lies in too quick too soon." To market to … Continue reading Greece Folds

It’s a Deal

"Aha. As this evolves with the market, it looks like a deal has been reached. The Belgian Prime Minister tweeted not so long ago (around 08:40) that there was an agreement of sorts. Early signs are there, I wonder what the terms are?" To market to market to buy a fat pig. As we suspected, … Continue reading It’s a Deal

Stay Strong

"We live in a far better world than Zamperini grew up and operated in. The world is not technically at war with itself. We might think that the great financial crisis was comparable to the Great Depression, but I did not see one in three citizens lining up at soup kitchens. I did not see … Continue reading Stay Strong

Bigger Picture

"Was the spike in Chinese prices warranted? I think some jump was, given that Chinese stocks have been considered cheap for a very long time and this is for a country that is considered the growth engine of the world. Have a look at the P/E ratio going back to 2002, it shows that a … Continue reading Bigger Picture