Monetise the Sun

  Market Scorecard It was a mixed day for equity markets yesterday. The JSE All-share started the day in the green, then dropped into the red, and finished off with a late surge to end slightly down for the day. In the US, there was a divergence between tech stocks and everything else. The Nasdaq … Continue reading Monetise the Sun

Bats and Stats

  Market Scorecard Markets had a good day yesterday. European markets and the JSE All-share all had strong closes and that strength continued into the US open. The US market even gained strength as the trading day went on. Then, with 45 minutes left of the trading day, Trump took to twitter and the market … Continue reading Bats and Stats

Flash Degrees

  Market Scorecard Yesterday US markets were on the back foot from the opening bell. Financial journalists pin the blame on worries about the fallout from the impeachment investigation. Sitting here in South Africa, it seems strange that the market is skittish because of an impeachment process that won't get further than the House of … Continue reading Flash Degrees

Tim is Cooking

  Market Scorecard The days that StatsSA releases South African employment data are always a bit bleak. It is never nice being reminded about how many South Africans can't find a job. Yesterday was worse than normal. Our unemployment rate jumped 1.4 percentage points, to now sit at 29%. Roughly speaking, for every two people … Continue reading Tim is Cooking


  Market Scorecard On Wednesday last week the S&P 500 broke through 3 000 for the first time and Friday marketed the first time the index closed above 3 000. These small milestones help to remind us that the market is infact moving higher, even though sometimes all we see from headlines is how bleak … Continue reading InstaFine