The next generation

"Since March 27, 2000, there have been some massive changes in the technology world. Amazon stock is up 1 312 percent. Apple stock is up 2 949 percent. The market cap of Amazon is nearly half a trillion Dollars (which would be a first), Apple is currently 790 billion Dollars. Alphabet has a market cap … Continue reading The next generation


Democratically Speaking

"Democracy itself is a very new concept, much of the world does not practice full blown democracies with all of the freedoms that others enjoy. For example, in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, as well as New Zealand and Denmark (and throw in Canada), those countries score really highly on the pillars of democracy, functioning government, … Continue reading Democratically Speaking

Bottoms Up

"It would have served me better to sit on the cash for 4 years, earn interest and then when the market halved in value I could have bought it then and I would have tripled my money today instead of just doubling it. That sounds great in theory except that you have no idea when … Continue reading Bottoms Up