Inflation Station

  Market Scorecard As expected the Fed kept rates on hold last night. They indicated that they don't expect any changes in policy for the foreseeable future, which means low rates for a long period. The decision to keep rates unchanged was also unanimous, which is a change from previous meetings. All in all, the … Continue reading Inflation Station

GDP Shedding

  Market Scorecard Wow, what a mess last night. Stage 5 through to stage 8 loadshedding was always a fat joke. If we reached stage 7, Eskom would come and blow out our candles. Much to the surprise of everyone, loadshedding can go past stage 4. When stage 6 was announced last night, none of … Continue reading GDP Shedding

Designer Genes

  Market Scorecard US markets surged, and the Dollar weakened when the Federal Reserve's Chairman, Jerome Powell announced that US interest rates are near neutral. What that means in plain language is interest rates won't rise as quickly as expected. Bringing back the unofficial slogan of central banks globally, lower for longer. Remember how our … Continue reading Designer Genes