Thread and Butter

  Market Scorecard After having four days of green, the US market had a down day yesterday. As Paul noted on Twitter yesterday, "they aren't supposed to go up *every day*". Even though markets had a down day, the Rand has continued to strengthen and the price of oil has remained above $40 a barrel. … Continue reading Thread and Butter

Keep Calm and Save On

  Market Scorecard Earnings season in the US has been a bit underwhelming so far, even though it has only been going for three days. The problem seems to be that market participants are looking at the earnings out so far and wondering if the trend of slightly weaker guidance from companies will continue for … Continue reading Keep Calm and Save On


  Market Scorecard The trend of the JSE All-share being at odds with global markets continues. A late surge from US markets last night pushed them into the green at the close. The JSE had been closed for a few hours by then and had been deep in the red. Overall, there are still companies … Continue reading Burncoin

Record US Divi

  Market Scorecard Over the last week, international market movements have tracked sentiment around trade war rhetoric. Yesterday during a state visit to Japan, Trump said that the US is not ready for a trade deal at this time, that China wants a trade deal and that he thinks they regret not taking the first … Continue reading Record US Divi