Netflix and Hold

  Market Scorecard Did you see that Japan and the EU, have just signed the biggest trade deal ever! Japan, EU Sign Trade Deal to Eliminate Nearly All Tariffs; the deal covers nearly a third of the global economy and over 600 million people. A big win for free trade proponents. As the US alienates … Continue reading Netflix and Hold


Healthy Numbers From JNJ

  Market Scorecard Focus over the last two days has been on the airstrikes in Syria. One side says all their missiles hit their targets, the other says most of the missiles were shot down. Rule number one in politics, choose the 'truth' that best suits you. More pressing for markets is China giving dates … Continue reading Healthy Numbers From JNJ


  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Phew, we survived super earnings Thursday. Given their huge growth rates, coupled with high expectations, tech stocks are always the most exciting earning events. It has been known to happen where a tech stock, particularly those belonging to 'FANG', can rocket 20% or slump 20% … Continue reading Swipechain

Big Johnson

"He (Robert Johnson) went into business with a fellow called Seabury, back in 1873, selling medicated plasters. In other words, the precursor to the bandaid. In a few short years they were a global business, Robert promptly went to the World Fair in Philadelphia in 1876, where a large gathering of doctors (the biggest in … Continue reading Big Johnson

20 000!

"You can check out another *nice* milestones piece, from the first time the Dow crossed 1000 points in 1972 to present day. 1000 point milestones of The Dow, and then a table for ease of use The Dow's milestones. Just inside of 15 years to double from 1000 to 2000 points. From 2000 to 4000 … Continue reading 20 000!