Trade Talks a Test Match

  Market Scorecard Over this week, stocks globally have been focused on trade talks and the looming US shutdown. Every time there is a new tweet or press statement, there is a shift higher or lower, the dollar moves and bond prices change. At the moment, trade talks seem to be going slower than the … Continue reading Trade Talks a Test Match


The Shutdown is Shutdown

Market Scorecard The US shutdown has been put on hold for three weeks while politicians try to resolve their differences. Can you see the Republicans backing down on their demand for a wall or the Democrats opening up funding for a wall? As it stands, another shutdown is on the cards for just after Valentine's … Continue reading The Shutdown is Shutdown

Shop Right

Market Scorecard Markets had a strong close on Friday thanks to high hopes of a trade deal, then US markets were closed on Monday, but on Tuesday they dropped over 1% because of worries a trade deal won't be reached by the 1 March deadline. March is going to be a huge month for political … Continue reading Shop Right


  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Phew, we survived super earnings Thursday. Given their huge growth rates, coupled with high expectations, tech stocks are always the most exciting earning events. It has been known to happen where a tech stock, particularly those belonging to 'FANG', can rocket 20% or slump 20% … Continue reading Swipechain

Big Johnson

"He (Robert Johnson) went into business with a fellow called Seabury, back in 1873, selling medicated plasters. In other words, the precursor to the bandaid. In a few short years they were a global business, Robert promptly went to the World Fair in Philadelphia in 1876, where a large gathering of doctors (the biggest in … Continue reading Big Johnson