Why We Write

Market Scorecard There is a saying among traders, "buy the rumour, sell the fact". It means that the market tends to hype things and then becomes disappointed when the reality is announced. This seems to have happened yesterday with the lead up to Biden's stimulus package announcement. The US market reached a new all-time high, … Continue reading Why We Write

Let the Earnings Begin

Market Scorecard Apple launched the iPhone 12 last night. The new phones will be lighter, faster, thinner, better camera's and will have 5G capabilities. In terms of design, it has moved away from the rounded edges back to the flat edge, similar to the iPhone 5. One of the reasons for the strong Apple share … Continue reading Let the Earnings Begin

Shop Right

Market Scorecard Markets had a strong close on Friday thanks to high hopes of a trade deal, then US markets were closed on Monday, but on Tuesday they dropped over 1% because of worries a trade deal won't be reached by the 1 March deadline. March is going to be a huge month for political … Continue reading Shop Right