Jobs for Everyone

  Market Scorecard On Friday at 15:30 South African time, the US non-farm payroll numbers were released. The read was much stronger than expected with 266 000 new jobs added in the month of November, compared to the expectation of only 180 000 new jobs. Even more impressive is the unemployment rate which is now … Continue reading Jobs for Everyone

Jobs Day is Back!

  Market Scorecard It is jobs day in the US. Following the financial crisis, and probably all the way up until 2016, the jobs figure was the biggest data point of the month. It gave traders an indication about the momentum in the US economy and by extension, the reaction from the Fed. Then in … Continue reading Jobs Day is Back!

Why we Write

"And that is the number one reason we write this daily message. To stay as close as possible to the news flow. To make sure that we continue to share the news with everyone. Investing is a little like running the Comrades, although the finish line is never really in sight. At some points you … Continue reading Why we Write


"I am getting to a point. In a world where there is more and more passive investing, index investing, who is going to set the prices of the individual stocks? Just the natural flows from monthly buying and selling (redemptions and additions), or will money managers and individuals set the bulk of the prices?"   … Continue reading ETFing

Google Rising

"In ordinary trade, i.e. in the spot market that is open from 08:30 to 16:00 in New York, the Google stock price (ticker GOOGL) rose three percent to crest 600. After hours the market saw something they liked a lot, I suppose we could call it the Ruth Porat effect. The stock is up 12 … Continue reading Google Rising