Debt Goes on Sale

  Market Scorecard Yesterday, in a surprise move, the SARB cut the repo rate by 1 percentage point to 4.25%. This is the lowest in South African history. After the interest rate cut last month, it was expected that the SARB would do further cutting of rates, we just didn't know when. There is an … Continue reading Debt Goes on Sale

Share Compare

  Market Scorecard Zoom. Zoom. Markets were flying higher yesterday! Apple finished the day up by 9.3%. Tesla was up 11%, but we have come to expect daily moves of that magnitude from the company. Locally, commodity stocks were in the pack of the leaders for the day. Unfortunately 'SA Inc' focused companies were relatively … Continue reading Share Compare

Behave and Save

  Market Scorecard The market optimism around 'phase one' of the trade deal quickly faltered yesterday when China announced that they want to negotiate further before signing any agreement. The US responded by saying that if China didn't comply with phase one, tariffs due for the 15 December would be implemented as originally planned. This … Continue reading Behave and Save

Flash Degrees

  Market Scorecard Yesterday US markets were on the back foot from the opening bell. Financial journalists pin the blame on worries about the fallout from the impeachment investigation. Sitting here in South Africa, it seems strange that the market is skittish because of an impeachment process that won't get further than the House of … Continue reading Flash Degrees