And the Winner is.. The Consumer

  Market Scorecard The JSE All-share had a great day yesterday, up over 3%! Looking at our Top40 index, there were only three companies in the red, with two of them being dual-listed with the stronger Rand working against them. There is a sense of 'risk-on' in global markets at the moment, which is evident … Continue reading And the Winner is.. The Consumer

Debt Goes on Sale

  Market Scorecard Yesterday, in a surprise move, the SARB cut the repo rate by 1 percentage point to 4.25%. This is the lowest in South African history. After the interest rate cut last month, it was expected that the SARB would do further cutting of rates, we just didn't know when. There is an … Continue reading Debt Goes on Sale

Boring Banks

  Market Scorecard Here is some good news to kick off the morning, the price of oil dropped overnight from around $67 a barrel to around $64. The sudden slump in the price is because both US and Iranian officials hinted that tensions between the two nations are abating. At this stage, anything other than … Continue reading Boring Banks

May Will Stay

  Market Scorecard It has been a tumultuous two days for the UK and their road to Brexit. As expected the current version of the Brexit deal was defeated in the House of Commons. What was surprising was how big the defeat was. Then last night Theresa May's government survived a no-confidence vote. Given that … Continue reading May Will Stay