"Having said that in terms of the global accommodation market, all the Priceline brands don't even account for 10% of it. Currently they have 1.2 million properties registered which gives them access to 25.5 million rooms, an increase of 36%."   To market to market to buy a fat pig The Rand continued to strengthen … Continue reading


Health Savvy

"Via the Cerner Twitter platform, the company pointed out that only ten percent of all hospitals in the US allow patients to view, download or transmit records. This was research done by Nielsen. Only 15 percent of all patients have email access to their physicians. And only 20 percent have the ability to schedule appointments … Continue reading Health Savvy

Stay Young

"L'Oreal is a really great business, one of my favourite models. The Dollar share price might not have done that well, i.e. this is a case where the company has delivered and there have been certain currency issues that have weighed (and shareholder issues too), we think that the long term thesis remains intact."   … Continue reading Stay Young


"Sports however and having the love/hate relationship with your favourite team is something special. CEO Bob Iger said that US households would watch sport across all platforms and was confident that they could monetise it. He is right. Currently US households are cutting their TV cable services, and many of those include ESPN in the … Continue reading SportsCenter