SNAP, cracking and POP

"The metrics are there, hyperactive and FOMO millennial types making sure that their mates are watching and liking. Who on average check the app 19 times a day, or over once an hour in a normal waking day. Nobody controls the content that people search for, it is the collective that do the searching. Snap … Continue reading SNAP, cracking and POP



"This is a fantastic business facing a short term cycle slump in soft luxury. Currencies move in cycles and so do consumer demands. Great businesses like this will ride those waves. People will still be wearing glasses in 50 years time."   To market to market to buy a fat pig I read the headline, … Continue reading LuxHOTtica

Oakley Dokey

  "By these numbers one can easily see (sunnies on your head) that there is still plenty of room for growth globally. The sun may be very important to the successes of the likes of Tesla/SolarCity and the progress that Elon Musk makes for humanity, it is certainly very important for Luxottica. Like clockwork, the … Continue reading Oakley Dokey