Don’t Slack, Soar

  Market Scorecard Markets are affected by politics, so even though politicians can be aggravating, we must spend some time monitoring their activities. Most commentators seem to agree that the State of the Nation Address (SONA) last night in Parliament last night was high on dreams and low on details. Dreams are good, it gives … Continue reading Don’t Slack, Soar


Markets Designed to Move Higher

  Market Scorecard Yesterday Alphabet (the company that we prefer to just call Google) announced that they will blacklist Chinese technology company Huawei from certain functions in their ecosystem. Google was responding to pressure from the US government, which objects to the close links between Huawei and the Chinese security establishment. Of course, the US … Continue reading Markets Designed to Move Higher

Blood, sweat, tears and a dash of Gore

"A pretty recent development and the announcement of the "Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch" will be launched across the Vitality network. Applications will be able to measure your patterns. Discovery is one of the very few companies that I think has used behavioural economics to monetise their business and morph their business model to … Continue reading Blood, sweat, tears and a dash of Gore