To market to market to buy a fat pig. On Friday night, while eating supper my phone had a notification pop up saying that Jeff Bezos's NAV had just crossed $100 billion, the first time since 1999 when Bill Gates crossed that mark. Bill Gates is currently second on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he … Continue reading Bezo$


Naspers 4000

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Friday was Naspers day. Thanks in part to Tencent rising 3% on Friday, Naspers was up over 4% at a stage and closed up 3.6%. What is amazing is that we still have 6-weeks left of the year and the stock is up 90%; it … Continue reading Naspers 4000

Al Moer

"Mediclinic released their full year numbers during the course of yesterday. We all had a very solid look at these, this is the first year that the integration is all comparable. Remember that the company reversed into the Al Noor listing and then converted your shares of Mediclinic to Mediclinic international."   To market to … Continue reading Al Moer

Amazing Amazon

"I really feel that Amazon now have the size and scale for world domination. The Prime membership is genius. You have 80 million users who have logged in their credit card details. All it takes is one click to make a purchase. You can attract more subscribers with incredible content such as movies, series, gaming … Continue reading Amazing Amazon