The Nvidia Chips Are Down

  Market Scorecard Global markets are going through a period of heightened uncertainty. The nasty drop of almost all markets in October 2018 knocked the confidence of many, so more investors are sitting on the sidelines. Volatility has increased, meaning bigger swings during each trading session. It is not often that you see a market … Continue reading The Nvidia Chips Are Down


The Stream Dream Continues

  Market Scorecard Just when you think that markets have stabilised, you get another smack in the face. It is during these tough periods that I think it might be better to only receive quarterly portfolio statements, instead of the weekly statements our clients currently receive. I saw this tweet yesterday, which made a good … Continue reading The Stream Dream Continues

  Market Scorecard Stocks on Friday got a boost from the plan announced by our president on Friday. We are currently light on details, but they should roll in over time, starting with the new visa regulations today. As the president said, we don't have the ability to spend more money, so it is a … Continue reading

Al Moer

"Mediclinic released their full year numbers during the course of yesterday. We all had a very solid look at these, this is the first year that the integration is all comparable. Remember that the company reversed into the Al Noor listing and then converted your shares of Mediclinic to Mediclinic international."   To market to … Continue reading Al Moer

Amazing Amazon

"I really feel that Amazon now have the size and scale for world domination. The Prime membership is genius. You have 80 million users who have logged in their credit card details. All it takes is one click to make a purchase. You can attract more subscribers with incredible content such as movies, series, gaming … Continue reading Amazing Amazon