The Amazon of Travel

  Market Scorecard It is not often that the JSE All-share goes against the flow of international markets. As election numbers came through showing a secure ANC and lower than expected EFF result, SA Inc started to surge. Banks and retailers both pushing higher, all while global markets were crashing due to a new chapter … Continue reading The Amazon of Travel


WhatsApp, Y’ello, Kunjani

  Market Scorecard Yesterday the JSE All-share drifted sideways until the US market opened at 15:30 our time. In the last 90 minutes of our trading day the market shot 0.5% higher. Markets seem to have put the inverted yield curve behind them. In fact, this inverted yield curve has increased calls for the Fed … Continue reading WhatsApp, Y’ello, Kunjani

Iranian Headwind

  Market Scorecard Yesterday Nedbank released their Full Year numbers, which amongst other things showed a positive contribution from Ecobank, their West Africa subsidiary. Rewinding 12 months though, Ecobank cost the group R975 million, where, in the current financial year it gave them a profit of R375 million. As an investor it is tough to … Continue reading Iranian Headwind


  Market Scorecard Yesterday there were trading updates from a couple of South African mining companies; ties in nicely with the mining indaba happening in Cape Town this week. For both Impala Platinum and Anglo Gold, they have swung from being loss-making last year to making profits this year. Management of both companies have been … Continue reading Instawham!