Rob and Ralph

  Market Scorecard Yesterday before the US market opened Elon Musk released an Update on Taking Tesla Private. The share was initially up 2% on the clarification of where the funding was going to come from. By the time the market closed, the stock was only up 0.2% and is now down 0.5% in after-hours … Continue reading Rob and Ralph


Investing in the Wild

  Market Scorecard Well done to Kevin Anderson on getting to the Wimbledon final, and then what a cracker of a World Cup final; normally finals only see one or two goals. Have you seen the image doing the rounds on social media that compares the cost of DSTV and Netflix? What the graphic forgets … Continue reading Investing in the Wild

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Yesterday the S&P 500 hit another record. No not another record high but the most number of days without a 3% drawdown. The previous record was 241 days and was set in 1996. It is amazing how calm markets have been this year. In years … Continue reading