Market Scorecard Markets are in a buoyant mood again as countries continue to open, and death rates in Europe are sliding. In an interview over the weekend, Jay Powell told people to not bet against the US economy. He added that the recovery may be slow but that the Fed still has extra ammunition … Continue reading Agri-Tech-Culture

Adversity is Not New

  Market Scorecard Yesterday we saw markets move like one way traffic, from low to lower. The US market has now dropped over 20% from its all-time high, meaning that we are officially in a 'bear market'. As some bright spark noted on Twitter last night, if we are only down 19.99% we still is … Continue reading Adversity is Not New

NH Sigh

  Market Scorecard The main focus on Thursday was the government's updated take for a local National Health Initiative (NHI). The government's goals are noble but not realistic. Most people would agree that there are two things people should have access to regardless of their income bracket. Children should have access to quality education, and … Continue reading NH Sigh