To market to market to buy a fat pig. Yesterday the S&P 500 hit another record. No not another record high but the most number of days without a 3% drawdown. The previous record was 241 days and was set in 1996. It is amazing how calm markets have been this year. In years … Continue reading


Steady as she goes

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Just as you think all the scandals and messy sideshows are over then another thing pops up. I'm talking MTN, who were named among some other big South African companies in an investigation into the legitimacy of their BEE structures (Major names in BEE investigation). … Continue reading Steady as she goes

Zakhele Futhi

"The new MTN Zakhele Futhi (new scheme) has an implied value of R9.9 billion and will soon be open to the public. Qualifying people will be able to invest in these shares. Please get involved, ask questions (ask me Bright Khumalo) and most importantly INVEST your hard earned savings and let it work for you" … Continue reading Zakhele Futhi