Prosus Delivers

Market Scorecard So there we have it, the first half of 2020 is done. What an eventful six months! What does the second six months have in store for us? The JSE All-share is down 5% for the year, a significant improvement from the 33% loss we were facing in March. This is all in … Continue reading Prosus Delivers

TikTok Rocks

  Market Scorecard The Rand had a great day yesterday, breaking below the $/R18.00 level. It is probably due to a combination of a 'risk on' mood coupled with the high yields on our government debt. Talking of government debt, the UK government sold a three year bond this week with a negative yield, the … Continue reading TikTok Rocks


  Market Scorecard The JSE All-share continued its rebound yesterday, crossing back over the 48 000 mark. The first time our market broke through this level was in early 2014, we then retested the level in late 2015/ early 2016 thanks to Nene-Gate. The March lows took us all the way back to 2013, so … Continue reading Bear-bnb

Feel the Bern

  Market Scorecard US stocks clocked a new record close yesterday. The US market is on track to have three straight months of gains! August was a rough month for markets as 'everyone' was forecasting an impending global recession. Fast forward a quarter and those forecasts have done a 180, the recession watch has been … Continue reading Feel the Bern