Tencent in their own league, legends

"Revenues grew 52% year-on-year (6.048 billion Dollars for the quarter, this is a real big business), operating profits increased 40% year-on-year when compared to the prior third quarter (2015). Profits increased by 42% year-on-year to 1.614 billion Dollars, there was slippage with operating margins from 39 to 36%."   Attention: One of our sub-tenants is … Continue reading Tencent in their own league, legends


"Here is the official release from MakeMyTrip - MakeMyTrip Limited and ibibo Group Announce Transaction to Consolidate their Indian Travel Businesses. The current makeup of the shareholding of Ibibo is 91 percent Naspers and 9 percent TenCent. In the combined entity, this holding company for Ibibo will hold 40 percent of the MakeMyTrip Limited. Naspers … Continue reading MakeMeMoney

Global Naspers

"By geography, revenues are 49 percent Asia, 23 percent South Africa (still big), 15 percent Europe, 2 percent Latin America, only 9 percent "Rest of Africa" and lastly "other" is two percent. In terms of where revenues are derived (outside of the segments) it is IVAS (Internet value added services) and Games at 36 percent, … Continue reading Global Naspers