Electric Vehicle Vacuum

  Market Scorecard The excitement around the potential Moderna vaccine started to wane yesterday as people started to reflect on the phase one test results. Due to only having 45 people in the phase one test, limited conclusions can be drawn from the numbers. Further testing is needed to know if the vaccine is truly … Continue reading Electric Vehicle Vacuum

Grub Snub

  Market Scorecard The South African market had a green day yesterday thanks to a general buoyant mood in global markets; trade tensions between the US and China seem to be dissipating and new infection numbers have been improving. When US stocks opened they were briefly in the green. Sentiment in the market changed though, … Continue reading Grub Snub

Merge Surge

  Market Scorecard The business headlines yesterday focused on how Apple will miss its original guidance figure due to the coronavirus. The stock was down over 4% in pre-market trade. Once the market opened though, the stock was 'only' down 1.8%. The market seems to have shaken off its concerns from yesterday. The number of … Continue reading Merge Surge