Superstar vs Cortez

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. As part of Trump's drive to remove regulation and government involvement in the private sector, it was announced yesterday that Obama 'net neutrality' laws are on their way out. Net neutrality is where internet service providers are not allowed to favour some web-pages over others. … Continue reading Superstar vs Cortez


  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Things look messy in Spain at the moment, the Spanish government are saying that no referendum took place and if it did, it was illegal. Senior politicians in Catalonia are saying that the referendum, where 90% voted yes to independence, clearly shows they should be … Continue reading

Nike Spikey!

  "The current 8 billion Dollar repurchase program will finish in fiscal year 2016, that is when the next one will start. This is a pretty aggressive buyback by historic standards, the release quotes CEO Mark Parker (not related to Spiderman) as saying the company has returned 23 billion Dollars to shareholders over 14 years. … Continue reading Nike Spikey!