Everywhere You Go

  Market Scorecard The US employment data released on Friday showed that the US unemployment rate dropped from 4.1% to 3.9%, the lowest in 18-years, with a forecast of it dropping to 3.6% over the next 12-months. The number of jobs added for April were 164 000, lower than the 189 000 expected but growth … Continue reading Everywhere You Go


Moody Outlook

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. There you have it folks, a downgrade from S&P and a 'we will probably downgrade you after the budget speech in February' from Moody's. Here is one of the reasons S&P gave for the downgrade, "reflects our opinion of further deterioration of South Africa's economic … Continue reading Moody Outlook

Chipping Away

"NVIDIA is not solely about gaming, there are multiple and growing applications for their chips, we are superficially talking about autonomous driving as a great growth area. Obviously if you are installing a computer system on driverless (or autonomous) motor vehicles, then you must have the most powerful chips. NVIDIA have partnered with Audi, as … Continue reading Chipping Away