Labour Union Eclipse

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Today, after much delay, Eskom should be signing agreements to give the go-ahead for 27 projects from Independent Power Producers (IPP). Does this mean the costly nuclear power program, that we can not afford and that will be out of date before even generating a … Continue reading Labour Union Eclipse


Global diversity for the win

  "That does not mean that there are no investment opportunities, it means two things however for companies with a completely emerging market business, a) the valuations are likely to be subdued on a weakening growth outlook and b) they are more likely to pay up for opportunities elsewhere, and by that I mean offshore. … Continue reading Global diversity for the win


"You will remember that something similar happened last year when they released a trading statement that was also heavily impacted by currency moves. I think the company missed a trick by not giving more information on the impact of the currency, the SENS leaves a lot to the imagination which makes the share price move … Continue reading Massfart