The UN Comedy Show

  Market Scorecard I am seeing an increasing number of articles and interviews, where 'people in the know' are saying Emerging Markets (EM) have reached a bottom and should be bought at these low levels. There is no doubt, that on a comparative basis EM is cheap. Being cheap though is not always enough to … Continue reading The UN Comedy Show

BP Gets Electrified

  Market Scorecard Thanks to a power outage that impacted large parts of Johannesburg yesterday, Team Vestact were working remotely (we all worked from home) and there were no glitches. The message went out on time, emails were sent, and the office phone was answered. All thanks to the internet and WhatsApp; we wouldn't have … Continue reading BP Gets Electrified


"You will remember that something similar happened last year when they released a trading statement that was also heavily impacted by currency moves. I think the company missed a trick by not giving more information on the impact of the currency, the SENS leaves a lot to the imagination which makes the share price move … Continue reading Massfart