Google Joins The 4 Comma Club

  Market Scorecard US markets enjoyed another record close on Friday evening. The war drums beating during the first week of the year now seems a distant memory. Some people were getting ready for World War Three in the Middle East? Locally, the JSE All-share index is one strong trading day away from crossing the … Continue reading Google Joins The 4 Comma Club

Amazon Scouts New Options

  Market Scorecard For a change, the political news making headlines is not Brexit or the Trade War or The Walll. This time it is Venezuela, President Donald Trump recognised Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela. Guadio is the leader of the opposition and the head of Venezuela's national assembly, which Nicolas Maduro … Continue reading Amazon Scouts New Options

Shop Right

Market Scorecard Markets had a strong close on Friday thanks to high hopes of a trade deal, then US markets were closed on Monday, but on Tuesday they dropped over 1% because of worries a trade deal won't be reached by the 1 March deadline. March is going to be a huge month for political … Continue reading Shop Right