Spotify, Singing To The Bank

  Market Scorecard Global markets are rather ugly at the moment, which is not a great way to start the week. Chinese stocks are down over 3% this Monday morning, with Tencent down around 4%. Predictably, the JSE All-share has opened lower today. The one buffer that our local market will have is a weaker … Continue reading Spotify, Singing To The Bank


Berkshire Enters the Jungle

  Market Scorecard Global markets were subdued yesterday. Japan and Mainland China are currently on holiday, all the major companies have reported numbers, the Fed announcement had come and gone, and there was only low-level economic data. Today is at least jobs day in the US, which should see some reaction from the market. Then … Continue reading Berkshire Enters the Jungle

Namaste Nike

  Market Scorecard Naspers is within a whisker of having a '3' in front of its price after closing 4.8% higher yesterday. The strong moves are thanks to a Tencent that is trending higher benefitting from the news that talks between the US and China are progressing well. Naspers hasn't been above R3 000 since … Continue reading Namaste Nike