Sales Migraine

  Market Scorecard Even though the US market showed GDP growth of 4.1% for their second quarter, becoming the globe's first $20 trillion economy, stocks had a down day. It is astonishing to think that an economy the size of the US can grow that quickly! It is worth noting that the US probably won't … Continue reading Sales Migraine


A Caffeine Shot of Dividends

  Market Scorecard Emerging markets saw red across the board as global markets were in risk-off mode yesterday. The good news is that overnight there has been a gear shift back to risk-on. Most of the East is in the green by around 1% this morning. When the market whipsaws like this, I think of … Continue reading A Caffeine Shot of Dividends

Turn Down For Watch

  Market Scorecard Yesterday Brent Crude broke above $80 a barrel for the first time since 2014; mostly due to supply-side constraints, think Iranian sanctions and a failing Venezuela. Looking to Washington, where a Chinese delegation is meeting with US representatives, the rumour is that China has offered President Donald Trump a $200 billion reduction … Continue reading Turn Down For Watch

Caffeine Injection

"Not only are the company a coffee experience destination, by adding rewards members via their excellent technology platforms, they lock you into the daily routine, they aim to continue to stay abreast with the changing patterns of consumption. Having partnered with WeChat (TenCent owned platform) in China, more Chinese customers can gift each other, or … Continue reading Caffeine Injection