Travel is a Great Investment

  Market Scorecard I was pleasantly surprised to see our market move higher yesterday, in spite of both US and Asian markets being red. Even Naspers which started the day down 2%, due to Tencent being down 4%, finished the day higher by 1%. In my books, that points to international investors saying "South African … Continue reading Travel is a Great Investment


Grande Results From Starbucks

  Market Scorecard Naspers had another monster day yesterday, finishing up 8.6%. I see that Tencent is currently up 7% in Hong Kong, with means the Naspers come back is looking more impressive than Tiger Woods. Equities in Asia are flying thanks to Xi and Trump talking last night. After the call, Trump said it … Continue reading Grande Results From Starbucks

Turn Down For Watch

  Market Scorecard Yesterday Brent Crude broke above $80 a barrel for the first time since 2014; mostly due to supply-side constraints, think Iranian sanctions and a failing Venezuela. Looking to Washington, where a Chinese delegation is meeting with US representatives, the rumour is that China has offered President Donald Trump a $200 billion reduction … Continue reading Turn Down For Watch