Now is the time to Stryke

  Market Scorecard The big news for us in Mzansi is that China has agreed to lend $14.7 billion to South African organisations (China's Xi promises $14.7bn in investments in South Africa). These low-interest loans will help our organisations grow, probably as important though is the vote of confidence from China which the international investment … Continue reading Now is the time to Stryke


Annoyed with Android

  Market Scorecard The local CPI number that was released yesterday came in at 4.6%, lower than the 4.8% expected. It won't come as a surprise that fuel was the main driver, increasing by 16.3% over the last year. The good news is that 'Breads and Cereals' continues to drop and 'Telecommunication Devices' dropped by … Continue reading Annoyed with Android


"Stryker has bought a small business called NOVADAQ, paying a massive premium, almost double the share price from Friday last. From the all time highs of 22.81 Dollars a share in March of 2014 however, it is half, the share price was 6.23 on Friday at the close. Of course, it is all relative. Still, … Continue reading StrykerNova