The Bees Kneez

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Yesterday Stats SA released the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS), showing that our unemployment rate stayed constant at 27.7%. The good news is that over the last year, 358 000 more South African's have a job; there are still 6.4 million people looking for a … Continue reading The Bees Kneez


Stryke While The Iron is Hot

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Generally, the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) is a bit of a non-event because no major policy changes are announced. Today though it will be different, rating agencies will be watching closely before their 24 November rating review. The maiden budget speech from Mr … Continue reading Stryke While The Iron is Hot


"Stryker has bought a small business called NOVADAQ, paying a massive premium, almost double the share price from Friday last. From the all time highs of 22.81 Dollars a share in March of 2014 however, it is half, the share price was 6.23 on Friday at the close. Of course, it is all relative. Still, … Continue reading StrykerNova