Politicians Behaving Badly

  Market Scorecard I think 2018 will be remembered as the year of politicians behaving badly. Locally, the state capture commission has revealed how deep the rot goes and how billions never reached the people of South Africa. In Turkey, their president gave himself super powers by merging the roles of Prime Minister and President, … Continue reading Politicians Behaving Badly


Trump Tripe

  Market Scorecard Did you see that Microsoft is now the most valuable company in the US, at a value of $817 billion? Microsoft was up 3.3% yesterday compared to Apples 2.1% drop in after-hours trading. Business Insider tells me that the last time Microsoft was worth more than Apple was in 2010. It is … Continue reading Trump Tripe

Nike Soars

  Market Scorecard Two of our biggest holdings on the local market had a great day yesterday, Aspen was up 4.5%, and Naspers was up 5.2%. For Aspen their Chinese milk formula business looks to be worth more than people thought (Aspen's Infant Formula Unit Is Said to Draw Reckitt, Perrigo) and Naspers shot up … Continue reading Nike Soars