Tencent Turns 20

  Market Scorecard On Wednesday night the Fed had their much anticipated news conference to give the market guidance around what had been discussed at the two-day FOMC meeting. As expected, interest rates were kept on hold. Looking ahead, the Fed doesn't see any further interest rate hikes this year and only one in 2020. … Continue reading Tencent Turns 20


What Did You See PWC?

  Market Scorecard It is finally here, the PWC report on the fraud at Steinhoff was released on Friday evening. The full 3 000 page report is not publicly available, but the 10 page executive report can be downloaded from the company webpage here - PWC Forensic Investigation into Steinhoff. The report goes as far … Continue reading What Did You See PWC?

Trump Tripe

  Market Scorecard Did you see that Microsoft is now the most valuable company in the US, at a value of $817 billion? Microsoft was up 3.3% yesterday compared to Apples 2.1% drop in after-hours trading. Business Insider tells me that the last time Microsoft was worth more than Apple was in 2010. It is … Continue reading Trump Tripe