Musk Taunts Shorts

Market Scorecard Yesterday was a double hit of US jobs data. We had the regular Thursday release of weekly jobless claims, and then the monthly unemployment data landed a day early due to the public holiday in the US today. The unemployment data is the main focus of the market, and it shot the lights … Continue reading Musk Taunts Shorts

Debt for Charity

  Market Scorecard The Nasdaq set another all-time high last night. Looking at Asian markets, Tencent has set an all-time high too, getting back to levels from early 2018. It is natural for stock markets to make highs, and then continue to go higher. Just because stocks are at a high, doesn't mean they are … Continue reading Debt for Charity

Share Compare

  Market Scorecard Zoom. Zoom. Markets were flying higher yesterday! Apple finished the day up by 9.3%. Tesla was up 11%, but we have come to expect daily moves of that magnitude from the company. Locally, commodity stocks were in the pack of the leaders for the day. Unfortunately 'SA Inc' focused companies were relatively … Continue reading Share Compare

David Moans

  Market Scorecard Both the South African and US markets started the day in the green and then finished trading in the red. For the US market, it was at around 11 when the market suddenly just dropped 1%. None of the reasons given for the drop by financial media looked overly convincing. Should we … Continue reading David Moans