Market Scorecard As the number of companies shunning Huawei increases, so does the concern that Washington and Beijing drift further apart on reaching a deal. Chinese markets are red this morning, with Naspers owned Tencent down around 3%. A few weeks ago Naspers was above R3 700 a share, it will be below R3 … Continue reading Fortnike

Turning The Tiger

  Market Scorecard Did you get your Black Friday fix over the weekend? Seeing videos of people stampeding into Games and Shoprites, I'm surprised that there haven't been more serious injuries. People buying things they don't need, with money they don't have, all to fill the urge to buy something at a massive discount. Some … Continue reading Turning The Tiger

9 Lives

"Tiger brands reported their full numbers to end September, both the CEO Lawrence Macdougall, (relatively new at the business) and the CFO, Noel Doyle, (an old timer at the business) were on the telly yesterday on CNBC"   To market to market to buy a fat pig A local inflation read, comfortably outside of the … Continue reading 9 Lives