Uber Still Needs a Driver

  Market Scorecard The price of oil and the English Football team both tumbled yesterday. The price of Brent crude dropped 6.9% due to Libya turning their taps back on; there has been fighting at Libyan ports which froze their production for the last two weeks. Undoubtedly the biggest event of them all yesterday was … Continue reading Uber Still Needs a Driver


Flipping Flipkart

  Market Scorecard It was 'Jobs Day' on Friday for the US economy. Currently they are on 90 consecutive months of gains to the job market! The overall number of new jobs added was 103 000, lower than expected but not to be worried about due to February having a much higher than average job … Continue reading Flipping Flipkart


"Stryker has bought a small business called NOVADAQ, paying a massive premium, almost double the share price from Friday last. From the all time highs of 22.81 Dollars a share in March of 2014 however, it is half, the share price was 6.23 on Friday at the close. Of course, it is all relative. Still, … Continue reading StrykerNova