Bidding for Food

  Market Scorecard The local market was flying yesterday! Some of our bigger holdings like Aspen and Naspers were up 6% and 3% respectively. The best explanation I can find is it was a 'relief rally'; the relative values between developed markets and emerging markets was too great resulting in cash flowing into EM. Sounds … Continue reading Bidding for Food

Now is the time to Stryke

  Market Scorecard The big news for us in Mzansi is that China has agreed to lend $14.7 billion to South African organisations (China's Xi promises $14.7bn in investments in South Africa). These low-interest loans will help our organisations grow, probably as important though is the vote of confidence from China which the international investment … Continue reading Now is the time to Stryke

Yebo Gogo

"Whilst Vodacom is not a broad part of our client portfolios, it certainly does have an important place. Even if earnings don't show material moves higher, the company is likely to continue to show good dividend growth. In an increasingly volatile world, locally that is. Having said that, the company still has a large portion … Continue reading Yebo Gogo

Live from Greece

"In Athens you can definitely see the battle scars of the boom to relative bust scenario, there are shops boarded up, a few political spray paintings and signs (some look communist), generally people are going about their business. The infrastructure looks really good in some places, and really poor in others." To market to market … Continue reading Live from Greece